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What is Numerolgy?

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers. It is used to determine a personís personality, strengths and talents, obstacles, inner needs, emotional reactions and ways of dealing with others. Whether you use numerology to examine your life, take advantage of unexplored opportunities, confirm your talents or simply figure out where to go next, numerology can be a penetrating tool that helps you understand yourself and loved ones better. Numerology presents the whole picture, revealing all the various parts of your personality and how they come together to create the person you are. With this complete view, you are able to make the most of your strengths.

History Of Numerology

Numerology has a history that traces back over 10,000 years to Babylonia and Egypt. Pythagoras, the father of geometry who formed many basic theorems forming the foundations of modern mathematics, has been credited for formally organizing the field in ancient Greece about 2600 years ago. At the beginning of the 20th century, an American,  L. Dow Balliet, an American, working along with several contemporaries, initiated the modern phase of numerology and began numerology's modern phase. An increase in publication and research has brought about resurgence in the interest in numbers and their power in the beginning of the 21st century.


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What is Numerology?

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