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What is Geomancy?

The study of the sources of such disturbances, natural and man-made, is called geopathology It is the science of putting human habitats and activities into harmony with the visible and invisible surrounding world. Geomancy recognizes cosmic power lines and points, or energy vortexes, that penetrate the earth’s surface. Geomancy has a great tradition extensively deals with the mastering of energies, including the earth's energy which consists of different stones, metals, mountains, plants, and water.

The word geomancy means divination, or foresight by earth, the art of using various tools to access the hidden knowledge one is seeking; most often by connecting to the energy of earth. The Indian vastu shahstra and Chinese fengshui are also considered a geomantic art & a system to live in harmony with nature, its forces & energy field. Geomancy allows one to create the most harmonious places for any activities humans are involved in, be it in the home, office, garden, business, etc. The power of geomancy to identify the earth negative energy fields and transform and balance the place energy to high energy to harmonious place vibrations to the positive alignment. This is the reason the geomancy is well popular all over the world. The right geomancer applying the right applications will definitely heal not only the energy of the place but also his or her energy in the process of applying geomancy. 

Geomancy masters study the earth patterns in order to define best places for human dwellings; so yes, geomancy is at the very root of feng shui. The beauty and power of geomancy is in sensing the energy of each and every place and maximizing its potential for the benefit of people who live and work there.

Energetic disturbance affects on the home/office and affects on personal body. One any be surrounded by electronic devices which constantly releases high level of negative radiations (emfs) affecting & exhausting a person to chronic health diseases as you may be sleeping or sitting on the draining energy grid. 

Awareness about Geopathic stress has grown among doctors and health practitioners all over the world significantly over the last decades. The vital importance of maintaining healthy energetic environment at your home or work place to benefit you in the medium of good health, right decisions, love & affection, harmony & togetherness & many more.

Sensitive measuring devices have confirmed that the earth -- as well as all life -- radiates as a natural process, and that this radiation can be affected by underground water sources and earth dislocations. There are also zones where radiation intensity differs greatly from the norm.

Respect for the power of nature

In India, trees are still worshipped as beings and deities. Offerings are made to them and particular rituals are performed. The special connection of native Indians from North America with nature is as known as the shamanic abilities and sensibility of the Indians from South America. Whether you look at the aborigines in Australia, the Maoris in New Zealand, different tribes in Africa, the tribes of the Eskimo,  the Kahunas of Hawaii, or even people of Russia and Arabia, you will find a deep appreciation and respect for the power of nature and certain rituals and skills to harmonize with it. 


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