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What is Vaastu?

Vaastu shastra is an  ancient Indian vedic science of archituture and buildings  to create balance and harmony of five cosmic vital elements such as Vayu (air), Agni (fire), Jal (water), Bhumi (earth) and Aakasha (space), which are known as Panchabhutas. in our built home office factory structure where we live and work in a most scientific way taking advantage of the benefits bestowed by nature, its elements and energy fields such as gravitational field, electromagnetic field, sun and moon light and heat, wind energy, rainfall, sunís Solar Energy, ultra red rays and gamma rays, thermal energy etc. Vaastu  combines all the five cosmic elements of nature and balance them with the man and material in a most scientific way of panchmahabhuta (Five Cosmic Elements )

Vaastu unifies the science, art, astronomy, and astrology, vaastu shastra helps us to make our life better and well sucured from things going wrong in the life and help is to attain wealth, Good health, business Prosperity, career, relationships and happiness & Peace.

The aim of vaastu is to make us live and work in harmony with nature taking advantages from cosmic forces which influences us physically and psychologically. Direction signifies particular areas like hall, kitchen, Bedroom, bathroom/Toilets, water tanks, prayer room, study room, etc. if in any house the vaastu principals are not followed that result in to misfortunes and problems.

The Vastu-shastra (science of constructions) is based on the harmony of the universe expressed by the lunar, the solar and the temporal influence on the consciousness and on the physiology of a human being. In fact, it has its origin in the Sthapatya Veda, a part of the Atharva Veda, which dates back to thousand of years ago

Around 500 BC, Western Philosopher Pythagoras accepted existence of energy in the form of luminous body and held that light could produce variety of effects in the human organism. In the early 12th century scholars Boirac and Liebault explained that human energy can cause an interaction between individuals from distances of the human body which have a relationship with the orientations (dishas) and the different types of energy radiations from the different sources. This is the key to understanding the relationship between the energy fields of man and the man made environment like buildings in which he lives.

The Panchabhootas are what the entire world is made out of. The five elements are air, water, fire, earth and space. All the benefits and advantages are bestowed upon a person or a house by the proper use and placement of these five elements.


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