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Ground Energy Effects of Geopathic Stress

Interruption of earth`s magnetic field due to any reason like underground water veins, harmful grids called hertmann grid, curry grid - crosection of grids and veins etc., mineral concentrations etc. Create geopathic stress. Geo means earth. Pathic means stress.

The earth`s magnetic field is about .5 gauss power to keep us healthy. Any interruption, disturb this magnetic field effecting our health leading to incurable diseases like cancer, heart attack etc as it affect deep to our cells in the body. Experts observed some of symptoms as under. On sleeping continuously at one place always feeling tired, continuous depression, hyper activity and aggression, weakness of immune system, resistance to medical treatment, insomnia, continuous headache, migraine, fits, backache, muscular joints and bone problems, infertility and miscarriage etc. The first step should be to change the sleeping place .

Simple detection of harmful energy remember that cat, ants, honey bees, find a place on negative ground energy and dog, cow, horse sleep or sit on like positive energy ground.

Every dwelling or building is in the midst of a surrounding natural world and the energies there of. No matter where one is, one is surrounded by a world and its energies. More locally, this surrounding world of energies might simply be urban or mostly human-made. Geomancy must take into account these urban and man-made surrounding energies; but even every metropolitan area is surrounded at some point by the natural world, and thus one can bring in positive natural energies from beyond the city one is in.

At every place there are surrounding natural etheric energies flowing into and entering into the place. No place is an isolated island. Be aware of the kind and quality of energy coming in, and from what direction. If positive and desired, then make its pathway (into where it is needed) unobstructed and received in some way. Objects with symbolic or spiritual significance, or also special geometric patterns, can help attract and anchor positive energies and qualities from the natural world.

Nature in itself does not bring these negative or disturbing energies. Rather, they come from human causes, or from man-created places emitting negative energies. Land and buildings can also, of course, hold positive & negative memories and energies as received from their natural surroundings, but also as received from positive human thought, emotion and activity. So in many places there will be an accumulation of positive energies from the past, and the energies people bring to the place now will be added to this, then further enjoyed later on.

We all want harmony, peace and love, especially in our home & work place. The first and most obvious step is to create and maintain beauty and harmony in each room. A room (or place) with beauty and harmony will help create beauty and harmony in the people present there, and also this will attract corresponding harmonious energies from the surrounding energy-geography.


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