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Geopathic Stress Remedies

Geo means land and pathic means stress or pain, the earth related negative energy can be rectified through the use of solfeggio frequency charged gem stones and crystal pyramids in the land or by placement in your home office factory as per the requirement of land disease (geopathic stress) the said pyramids are specially programmed through the use of solfeggio frequency.


Geomancy is the practice of identifying subtle energies that directly affect our health and well-being.  It involves identifying those energies that are disruptive to our lives and balancing them.

The geomancer performs a geopathic stress analysis of electro-magnetic fields (emfs) present in your environment, and can reduce their harmful effects.

The importance of sleeping in a geopathic stress-free area

Sleeping in a geopathic stress fault is particularly harmful to your body. Think about it – you spend about one third of your life in bed. That’s a lot of exposure!

During sleep your brain is supposed to rest half the time and is busy healing your body the other half. However, if you are exposed to geopathic stress during sleep, your brain never receives the full rest it requires to repair and regenerate.

To have optimal health it is important to make certain you are not sleeping on a geopathic stress fault.


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