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Feng Shui for Bedroom

We spend between a quarter and a third of our lives in the bedroom, re-charging our batteries in an environment that needs to be safe, secure and intimate. Rest, relaxation and the quality of sleep you attain are vital for a healthy life. In feng shui health is more important than wealth, Chinese believes that good health brings wealth and family harmony, this is why applying Feng Ė Shui practice for the bedroom is important. This is particularly significant for the bread winner's bedroom and it is usually the main bedroom in the house. This is because you are at your most vulnerable when you are asleep and the bedroom needs protecting.

A number of factors will need to be taken into account such as the design, color,  the decor and most importantly the positioning of the bed and the bedroom. It is recommended that the bed be placed at the opposition end out of the direct line of an open door, with the headboard supported by a wall or screen, thus providing protection. Placing the bed in this position will allow you to see who is coming into the bedroom. 

The bedroom being opposite or connected to the kitchen or bathroom will cause unpleasant smells, germs and cooking smells spreading into the bedroom. Keeping the doors closed when in the bedroom will reduce any harmful effects.

If your bed is placed directly under or bedsides a large window, then keep the blinds or curtains drawn when you are resting. This will provide protection from the amount of Chi coming through the window as it may disrupt your sleep or rest. Also avoid placing a mirror directly opposite the window as this will reduce the beneficial effects of Chi circulating the bedroom. It is important to allow Chi to circulate freely and smoothly.

Many Feng-Shui professionals suggest placing the bed in accordance with the  bagua diagram. A bed facing north means business will be good; facing northeast brings on intelligence and learning; east means family life will be happy, rewarding, and peaceful; southeast indicates wealth; south will bring in fame; southwest means a good spouse and happy marital relations; west promises fame for future generations, travel far and wide.

It is best for a bedroom only to be used for sleeping in and for changing your clothes. A bedroom that has double purpose such as part-time study or office wonít promote a good nightís sleep. It is always advised not to put your head towards north as our head is north pole and sleeping in the north , NORTH & NORTH REPELS which effects negative on health & brain, it is also said as per the hindu vastu shstra that whenever a person dies he is put to fire putting he is head on the north side, so it is considered to be in auspicious direction to sleep.

Try to separate the work area from the sleeping area and use a screen to hide any work stuff away. Keep computers and TVs out of the bedroom if at all possible but if you must have a TV there, at least keep it away from the foot of the bed & keep covered.

It would be nice to have a view of trees from your bedroom window but if this is not possible, treat yourself to a pretty picture to give you something nice to look at.

One thing that all Feng Shui experts are agreed upon is that it is not auspicious for your bedroom door to face your toilet door. If this is unavoidable use tiny mirror on the outside of the toilet door to reflect good Chi back into the bedroom.

Close the doors and if you can remember to do so, keep your toilet seat down. If the toilet is in full view, your sleeping pattern will be disturbed and worse still, your sex life and your marriage could go ďdown the toiletĒ.

These days we all love the idea of an ensuite bathroom but if you have one of these, remember to shut the door and put the toilet seat down. Such a bathroom can drain energy from the bedroom, as would placing the bed directly beneath a skylight.

Never place a bed beneath a beam as this is said to promote poor health and disturbed nights. If you have absolutely no choices left, hang 50 mm crystals at the centre of the beam to reduce weight of the beam and it disperses negative energy which is created by beam .

There are rules about exactly where you place a bed but in many houses there isnít enough room to make a choice. Avoid sleeping under a heavy light fitting or a chandelier. Avoid placing mirrors opposite the bed.

If you sleep in an attic place your bed in the highest point of the room and never beneath the slope of a ceiling.

In a case where the electricity supply to your light is directly above the bed, you can use a trick many pick up in USA. Screw a hook in the ceiling in the place where you would like your light fitting to hang, and use a decorative chain with a matching flex wound around it to link the place where the cord enters the ceiling to the place where you want your light to hang.

If you can choose the position of your bed, ensure that the back of it is against a wall. You should avoid sleeping with the head of the bed against a window, as this will make you feel unsafe. Donít jam the foot of the bed against a wall, as this will make the occupant of the bed feel claustrophobic.

The Chinese donít like a bed that is placed directly opposite a door, because dead bodies are taken out feet first and they donít want to be reminded of this while climbing into bed. (superstition shared by Jews.)

The Chinese believe that the soul leaves the body and goes on Astral journeys while we sleep. And if the returning soul sees a large mirror opposite the bed with the sleeper reflected in it, it might lose itís way and might enter the mirror rather than coming back to the sleeping person.

A dressing table mirror should not oppose the window, as the glare from outside will be reflected in it. Furniture should not be placed around the bed in an arc, as this will lower the health and vitality of the sleeper.

Sharp corners are said to shoot secret arrows, so avoid sleeping directly in line with one of these. However, too many curved edges encourage the Chi to swirl around too rapidly, so a balance should be struck here. Metal bedsteads can shoot secret arrows at a sleeper, as can the posts in four poster beds, but these can be softened with draped muslin or chiffon.

DONíT place a mirror in the bedroom where it can be over-stimulating.  A mirror in the bedroom can create insomnia, especially if it reflects the bed. If there is a problem in the marriage, a mirror can also bring in unwanted interference in the relationship. Better to be safe (and well-rested) than sorry.


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