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Scientific proof of Feng Shui

The natural forces of wind and water consist of chemical compounds. Whenever these elements meet, they react and change form, releasing energy into the environment. The scientific definition of energy is "a physical property possessed by an object and is a measure of the capability to make things happen. In order for things to happen, some of the energy in the object must be transferred to some other object". Power is the rate at which this transfer takes place. Wind and water is one of the greatest examples of this process.

Let's explain this further by looking at the process of Respiration. This is where food that you eat reacts with the oxygen (wind) that you inhale to form carbon dioxide and water. These two compounds then release energy, which is used to power or metabolize your body and sustain your life. So you are actually living proof of the power of wind and water or as the Chinese call it, Feng Shui. This is a useful example of how wind and water produces energy- and transfer power. The same thing happens in your home. You have both wind and water, creating energy, but where is the energy, the ability to make things happen being transferred to? If it is not to you or your home, then a Feng Shui consultation can help you by redirecting this power to make better things happen in your life.

The business of science is to understand the natural laws present in our universe. From our research, experiments and observations, we are able to finally prove that Feng Shui works.

As with all natural laws, the laws with the simplest explanations have the most profound effects. A cell is scientifically regarded as the smallest unit of life is. Cells respond to changes in their local environment to live, grow, reproduce and die. Because humans are composed of trillions of cells, we also respond to changes in our local environment. Relatively recently, we have gained understanding of a master cell known as a Stem cell. This cell has the ability to analyze a particular environment and produce any necessary cells or cures needed to balance. Scientists are now using this knowledge to treat disease. This new research was reported in the press under the heading of Miracle Cures!

This process is exactly what a True Feng Shui consultant does during a consultation. By analyzing both the occupants and the environmental energy for compatibility then suggesting relevant, simple cures to achieve harmony and balance. This can then provide the power to make better things happen in any area of your life.

Is there Science behind Feng Shui?

Nowadays books, Newspapers and media discussing Feng Shui are often excessive and people get Confused because of the world’s fascination for invisible, mysterious forces that gets many to talk without much understanding them to its roots and depths of the science behind fengshui.

“What is Feng Shui?” the most common answers they’ve picked up here and there are, “The placement of objects in your house and office,” or “How to obtain good energy in your house.”  Both are pretty accurate descriptions of some of the goals that Feng Shui achieves, but neither are the final answer of what Feng Shui really is and where it comes from and how it functions & its energy balancing system for your home, office, factory etc.

This ancient science was based on the idea that Qi (Life-Force Energy) is present in everything that exists in nature– the cosmos, earth, plants, animals, humans– and can never be created or destroyed. It simply flows from one element to the other-- between humans, between humans and animals, between plants, air, water, etc.

Feng Shui is defined as a traditional Chinese study of Man’s relationship to his environment, in particular the setting and construction of human dwellings, Feng Shui is a natural science. It is based on natural laws and its formulas have been created after centuries of observation of the repetition of the earth’s natural patterns. Hence, it is often refer to as “Geo–mancy - The Wisdom of the Earth the natural forces of the earth worked and then using them to our advantage would help us all create happier, healthier, and more successful lives rather than trying to strive against its currents and waste our own Life-Force Energy by trying to counteract the adverse effects they were causing in our lives.

When you feel tired because you have spent a long time inside your office, you can go out for a walk in the park or by a lake and shortly after you start feeling well again. This is because at first your positive Energy - Qi was exhausted from the intense concentration from your work and been in a man-made environment, but later, after being out in nature, your system naturally absorbed some more positive energy Qi from nature and brought itself back to “balance” once again.

Human wellness is affected by three main conditions:

  • The air that we breath.
  • The food that we eat.
  • The environment that we surround ourselves with.

The third condition particularly refers specifically to how our buildings are designed their orientation, layout, construction time, etc and where they are placed the country, city, neighborhood, etc. These conditions determine the quality of the overall Life-Force Energy of the building and the said energy will affect its occupants time and time again as long as the building stands. 


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