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Fengshui Prayer (Temple) - Meditation Room

In Fengshui the prayer room should be on the north east side of the flat or office as positive cosmic energy is coming from north east direction. From north east corner sun is rising radiating positive cosmic energy which is good for metal peace and concentration in pooja or good for meditation that is why always the prayer room or the temple room should be on the northeast side of home or office.

It  is a place where you get mental peace and cosmic help from god. North and North-east is a place where you get positive energy from these directions and if you are mentally healthy, always wealth and career lucks come towards you and you also pray at the positive direction so you will be blessed by god help.

The temple - mandir or prayer room holds a very special position in a house. It is a place of devotion, hope, trust, truth, and even refuge. In view of the mandir’s immense significance, it is essential to create a space that symbolizes the best possible principle of feng shui.

The best direction to worship in is the North-east. In Feng Shui, the North-east corner is known as full of positive energy radiating corner. This direction is recognized as the point from where Earth’s powerful magnetic energy is generated. Therefore, this is an ideal location for a mandir. However, if your mandir is not situated in the North-east, make sure that face this direction while praying.

The idols should be kept in northeast side of pooja room. The idols should not face one another, or the door of pooja room. Two idols of same god should not be placed in temple pooja room. The idols should be, at least, one inch away from walls. ‘Kalash’ or water body should be in north or east of the room. The members of the house should face east, North or Northeast while worshipping. Avoid keeping heavy, cluttered, chipped & broken idols in the pooja room. Avoid photos of dead people in pooja room as we do not pray dead persons, There should be only pooja room in a house and it should not be used for other purposes, like storage etc.

The doors and windows of pooja room should be in north and east directions, respectively. The doors should have two shutters. The doors should not have any door closer and a ventilator in the pooja room is a must. The walls of pooja room should be painted in white, light yellow or light blue color. Its floor should be of white or off-white marble in color.

  1. The temple should be always on Northeast, East or North Wall being positive energy direction.

  2. Kuber god – wealth god should be kept in temple at north east side for wealth & career luck to enhance.

  3. Wood and marble are the best materials to use when making Temple.

  4. Temple should not share the bathroom and toilet wall being negative energy generating area.

  5. Temple should not be under the staircase to avoid mental stress.

  6. There should not be many gods in the temple.

  7. People who are no longer living photos should not be kept in the temple along with the gods.

  8. Make sure that diya or light should be on throughout if not during every evening time to remove all negative energy after sunset is very important.

  9. Do not place any idols and gods photos above the door of the home or office.

  10. The pooja room should never ever be made in the bedroom.

  11. The pooja room should not be made above electrical appliances or gas stoves.

  12. The ground floor is the ideal location for a pooja room.

  13. Temple should not be under storage as we can not keep god under pressure.

  14. There should be only one temple in the home as many God have different energy.

  15. Temple should not be in the balcony

  16. Do not keep two God just opposite each other as each God has it’s own personal energy.

  17. Do not keep Hanuman in the temple with the other Gods as female can not pray Hanuman being bachelor.

  18. The pooja room should be neat and clean. Avoid dirt or clutter therein and keep it fragrant.

  19. The best color for pooja room is light yellow, ivory or cream which is the color of wealth.

  20. Keep on yellow color bulb in the temple as yellow color attracts wealth luck.

  21. Temple should be of marble stone or sag, sawan wood which is considered to be best

  22. Do not place the temple in a lonely house where no one resides in the home which is always dark not being any light.

  23. Pooja room door should not be just opposite the door of bathroom or toilet being dirty area.

  24. Temple should not be visible to the outsiders visiting our home as you are disturbed in prayer due to frequently visiting outsides persons at home.


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