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Vaastu for Health

Our body is constituted of 5 elements namely fire, water, air, earth and sky. It is due to the intricate balance of these elements on the planet earth that lead to the progression of humans and other organisms. Any imbalance of these elements leads to diseases in humans. The balance of these natural elements can be restored through vaastu. Vaastu is all about getting good health and all round prosperity if your home is constructed on the basis of vaastu principals which help us to attain good health, family harmony, business prosperity, peace and progress.

During Olden Days family used to have a healthy life. But today’s there is much deteriorating & weakening in their health, no matter of what age group they belong to. They take almost all kinds of care like they do yoga, exercise, meditation, take balanced diet and take regular medication even though nothing seem to help them Due to Vaastu Defects at Home. Vaastu has great relation with diseases.

Scientific Studies of recently constructed houses reveal that modern houses have many Vastu defects. Since the last many decades, architects have been emphasizing more on aesthetic value of the house, rather than making it vastu friendly. That is the reason Vastu principles are being ignored knowingly or unknowingly at the time of making the house. Vastu plays on important role in affecting one’s health whether male or female.

If you have bathrooms, Toilets, Kitchen, Overhead Tank on North East Side, Ne or SE Missing area, Septic Tank or Borewell on south, South-west Side, Heavy Weight on North East side, Main Door on South, Southeast, South west, Water Sink and Stove Together, Kithen & bathroom Sharing Common Wall  etc…. are the main vaastu reasons for bad health of the family.

Some houses inherit disease – sickness due to constructed against vaastu basic principals, vaastu dosh can be cured through effective measures for quick recovery and combat cronic disease and lots of negative energy vibrations. Through the right applications of programmed SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCY Charged pyramids, metal cures, gemstones, yantras etc.  without major alteration and modification in existing structure.

Vaastu Defects and Disease

East: Liver, Tongue, Limbs, joints

South East: Female Reproductive organs, temperament, Negative thoughts

South: Heart, Blood, Veins, Eyes

South West: Stomach, Womb, Nose

North: Kidney, Ear, Back, Spine

North West: Lungs, Cough, Cold, Skin, Nose

North East: Blood Pressure, Headache, Depression

West: Skin, Nose, Lungs, Fertility and Conceiving

Vaastu suggest prescribe norms to follow for achieving good health and wealth as under:

·         Always sleep with head towards east or south

·         Do not sleep and sit under the exposed beam

·         Face east or north while eating your food

·         An ideal kitchen should be in SE only

·         Avoid kitchen in north, NE as it created health problems to womens

·         The main door should open towards east, North, North East for positive vibration

·         There should not be water tank, bore well on south, SE and SW direction

·         There should not be slope on South, Sw and SE direction

·         Overhead tank should not be on North, NE and SE

·         Toilets/Bathroom on NE, SE, and North drains Wealth and Development

·         Centre – brahmsthan should always be open (no bathroom, toilet, Storeroom)

·         There should not be mirror reflecting your bed

·         Iron be and iron stuff under the bed should be avoided

·         Avoid constructing kitchen and toilet together brings depression

·         Avoid kitchen under staircase

·         Keep the bed away from toilet wall

·         Big trees shadowing your apartment and bedroom creates ill health


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