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Vaastu for Marriage

For martial harmony and good relationship couple should sleep on the south west corner room being earth element which gives support and stability. Marital disharmony & disputes can be a main reason or cause due to vaastu dosha – defects at our home.

The trend of designing irregular shapes building, wrong placement of toilets and bathrooms, wrong placement of kitchen & stove, water tank etc. creates vaastu dosha defects – doshas at our home as south west or north west part of our home is missing or toilet bathroom placed on south west or North west Side, North East kitchen where stove and sink is placed together creates vaastu defects affecting the relationships of husband and wife. If the couple is sleeping on South east (Agneya Kon) corner room it causes disputes between the couple.

  • There should not be missing area at SW, NW, and NE of home

  • Square and rectangle homes are a powerful sign of complete vaastu

  • Keep bedroom in the SW and NW of the house

  • Never sleep with the head in the north side

  • Avoid bedroom in the SE as this is the fire place which creates clashes

  • Avoid placing bed in northern & eastern part of the bedroom as it causes mental unrest

  • Toilets in SW, NW and NE creates quarrels between the partners

  • Avoid single male and females & Nude photographs in bedroom

  • Avoid split beds and mattresses for couple bedroom

  • Avoid reflective mirrors opposite the bed

  • Avoid dark colors for bedroom to avoid disputes

  • Avoid water tank, fish tank, fountains, plants in the bedroom

  • Overhead water storages in the north East creates pressures in relationships

  • Never place your bed under the beam

  • Avoid fitness instruments in the bedroom which causes stress & tiredness

  • Wild animal, fighting scenes, dense forest painting to be avoided in the bedroom

Delayed marriage and finding life partner

The marriageable age children's marriage is a big responsibility of every parent, the vaastu defects in your house can be one of the reason for your children’s marriage being delayed or difficulty finding the Right life partner.  It is advisable to use the North west bedroom for marriageable aged children's. 

  • Marriageable age Children’s  should never sleep in SE, North, NE bedroom

  • Under ground water tank, bore well, water well, septic tank on SW Side  

  • sleeping in North and NE Room

  • Over head water tank on NE of home

  • Overhead beams above the bed

  • Single male of female picture in the bedroom 

  • Avoid your legs and head towards the toilet, bathroom & Door of the bedroom

  • Do not use black color furnishings, doors & windows colors

  • Lot of reflective mirrors create loneliness

  • Avoid sleeping with your head towards window which misses opportunities


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