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Bathrooms & Toilets in Vaastu

Vaastu does not allow the toilet and bathroom in your premises, during olden days the toilets and bathrooms were rightly placed outside the living space, The ideal place for Toilets should be in North west, west & south side as all the negative forces settle in these directions  and in toilets we discharge negative.

The bathroom and toilets should not be in the North, North East, East and South East direction which causes loss of wealth, career and opportunities and Disturbs harmony and health. The slope of the bathroom should be towards north east and if possible the outlet pipe should be taken out from North West.

Geyser, water heaters, switchboard and similar items should be kept in south east. The water tap and shower should be in the east or north so that a bather faces east while having a bath. Overhead Water storage should be in south west it provides stability.

Soap, shampoo, detergent etc should be placed in the North West corner.  The bathroom must have one window west or southwest direction should be avoided.  For internal decoration blue, green, white colors, according to one’s choice should be used.



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