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Residential Vaastu

Vaastu plays a very important role in ones life in the terms of  career development, prosperity in business, name and fame, better health, education and concentration at study, good relationship, peace of mind, family harmony and good bonding, children’s marriage etc.

  • Staircase there  should be no staircase lift just opposite the main door

  • Main door to maximize the vaastu energies to your home, your main door should open towards
    East, North, or North east.

  • Shoe rack should be placed on SW or West side, never keep on North, NE and East side

  • Windows North, NE and East side windows openings are the best

  • Hall sitting Sofa set, sitting should be on the west, Sw and NW  side

  • TV Unit place on east wall or on the north wall of the hall

  • Electrical Board / Meter should be on SE or NW wall

  • Dinning Table Dinning table should be placed on the west or NW side & never sit facing south Zone

  • Toilet/bathrooms are not advisable to be in your home as per the vaasu norms but it should be made in SW, West or Nw if required

  • Kitchen should be planned on the SE or Nw side of your house, Put the Gas Stove on the East side and all the storages of kitchen on west , NW, and Sw side (Kitchen in the North and NE is major vaastu Wrong) fridge in the kitchen should be placed on south wall opening north or keep on west opening east, washing machine should be placed in NW or SW

  • Bedroom place the bed on the south side of any room and sleep your head pointing towards south for better sleep. Parents rooms should always be in Sw direction, Children’s Bedroom should be in West, and Eastern Zone, Guest room / marriageable age children’s room should be on NW  side, Prayer Room should be made towards North, NE or East 

  • Study Table should be always placed on the North or East side and Study Facing North or East For better concentration.

  • Reflective mirrors should be installed on north and east walls and never on South, SE or SW

  • Cupboards should be placed on West, NW and South west area

  • Treasure/ Safe it should be placed on the south west and door opening on north and north east side

  • Overhead Water tank should be placed on west, SW  and NW

  • Underground water tank should be on north and NE side

  • Septic tank should be in NW direction

  • Paintings of wild animals, pictures of fights, dense forest, sad & lonely males or females paintings should be avoided



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