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Auspicious and Inauspicious Effects of South Direction

South (Dakshina) South Direction of Yama, the god of death, the sun Rises from East, North and North East direction is the source of energy radiating ultra violet rays which is good for health and prosperity that is the reason the main door of the premises should be on East, NE, North Direction. Sun travels from the east to the centre and tilts towards the south which produces high ultra red rays and gamma rays which are overall producing negativity which affects health and wealth. The sun from the centre then travels towards the sunset which is between west and south west which also produces negative energies affecting the cosmic energy system therefore some inauspiciousness is linked with this direction which certainly makes it unfavorable direction. This imbalance in the smooth flow of energy The vastushastra tries to neutralize, balance and provide harmonious living conditions for the dweller.

Guest and children's bedrooms can be placed here. No open space like gardens, balconies, terraces should be in this direction. It is not advisable to have septic tank and kitchen in this direction either. South direction weakens human life, hence all the auspicious tasks are forbidden in the south. In all the south direction yields nothing but sorrow, Sadness, depression & pain. This disordered electromagnetic field patterns in the south, southwest; South East zones represent the 'curse of nature'.

It advisable to follow Vaastu instructions so that the negative effects get nullify or well balanced with energies with placement of proper room.

  • South side walls should be higher and thicker compared to other walls

  • Water storage in overhead tank or at an elevation in the south is favorable and underground water storage is inauspicious.

  • South is the door of death - yama brings all sorts of bad luck

  • Heavy Stair case in the South is auspicious.

  • Electrical Boards, Electric motor, transformer in South is negative while SE is positive.

  • In Factories it is beneficial to have parking arrangements for heavy vehicles in the South.

  • High doors or elevated steps in the South are extremely positive.

  • Slope of the house in the South direction causes fear of losses or instability.

  • Placement of garbage bin in the South can be considered as a second best alternative.

  • A Water Well, Bore well  in the South can lead to heavy losses or instability.

  • Flow of waste-water from the South results in lot of obstacles.

  • Entrance in the South facing South East (Aagneya) can result in hazards due to fire.

  • A Verandah in the South can result in quarrels between husband and wife.

  • A slope or lesser height of shed Roof in the South is inauspicious.

  • Location of basement in the South can result in a series of troubles in the family.

  • It is very painful to have a street or T junction in the South direction.

  • It is inauspicious if the South direction is elevated than the South West.

  • A septic tank in the South is very inauspicious. NW is advisable.

  • A dining hall in the South causes financial loss and wasteful expenditure.

  • A kitchen in the South results in instability,  insecurity, disturbs female health.

  • Do not rent the house which faces SW as The tenant becomes arrogant and dominating.



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