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Vaastu Tips

  • Prefer East, North or North East facing Property

  • Always avoid south, South east & South west facing Property Main door

  • Wall opposite the main door is not advisable

  • 3 doors should not be in one line

  • Toilet and bathrooms opposite the main door is not advisable

  • Vaastu pooja should be performed in NE of the Premises

  • South, West, SW wall should be heavy and higher than north and East

  • Plot & home should be square or rectangular

  • Boring or well should be in NE only

  • Kitchen should be in Se and gas should be in East side

  • Dinning room should be in West and NW

  • Racks and almaris always on west and south side

  • Never fix mirror on south wall

  • Toilet and bathrooms should be on south side

  • Couple should not sleep in SE bedroom

  • Avoid children bedroom in South west

  • Master bedroom should be in South west

  • Never sleep your heads towards north side

  • Temple should be on north or east wall

  • Do not keep many gods in the temple

  • No temple should be on toilet and bathroom wall

  • Temple should not be under the staircase

  • Drainage pipes of dirty waters should not be on north or east wall

  • Slope of the plot should be on the east or north side

  • Toilet seat should be on the south wall or east wall

  • Septic tank should be on the North west side only

  • No basement door should be south or south west side

  • Main door of the house should be bigger than other doors of the house

  • Staircase should be on the south west, north west, and west only

  • Stairs should go from north to south and east to west

  • Stairs should be clockwise direction

  • Over head water tank should be on west, South west or North west side

  • Under ground water should be on north or east side

  • Big trees should be always on west or south side

  • Face east or north while reading or doing any business deal

  • Face east while cooking never face south or west side

  • Never put the painting of crying girl, dense forest, war scenes, nude pictures, crow, owl, eagle, single male or female painting

  • Avoid automatic doors of home or office

  • Doors of kitchen and bathroom should not open towards each other

  • Never keep standing ganesh, lakshmi and saraswati in temple

  • Always use the bed of 4 legs only, never put any waste material under the bed

  • Avoid iron bed for sleeping

  • There should be headboard on the bed and solid wall behind the bed


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