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Vaastu Dosha Problems

Vaastu is not a religion or superstition but scientific system of creating balance and harmony between five cosmic elements in our built structure such as Earth, Fire, Water, Space and air to have the maximum benefits of nature . if your house or work place is violating any basic principles of vaastu which is causing vaastu dosha (Defects) at home and work place such as South Facing main door, More open space on South and West side, windows on South and West side, Kitchen on the North Or North East, Wrong Placement of Stove-gas, Temple, Staircase, overhead Water tank, underground Water tank, Septic Tank, Bore well, Storeroom, affected Brahmsthan – Centre, Wrong Room Position etc.

A vaastu dosha – defects can be corrected through the changes in the rooms, through interiors of the house, by changing the placements, by using the vaastu charged & Programmed,  SOLFEGGIO FREQUENCY Charged Activated gemstones and crystal pyramids, different metal pyramids mixed with herbs, Vaastu Yantras etc.

Every vaastu dosha - defects have some remedies without any modification and alterations of existing structure results in to business prosperity, better health, career, relationship, enhances memory and concentration at study.

Vaastu dosha & Problems:

East:  fire element, planet sun, indraa dev king of lords,  gives wealth, prosperity, name, fame recognition, growth of the family life.

East should not be affected by kitchen  water sink, bathroom, toilet, staircase, water overhead tank, heavy articles, septic tank, elevated area and missing area.

East: light, inspiration. Affects business or wealth growth, fame, reputation, children become disobedient and rebellious, children growth can be affected. This is the realm of enlightenment and renewal because it is the first to receive the sun's ultra violet rays in the morning. Recommended for a front door, bedroom,  office, studio, or dining room. East-children becomes less active, difficulty in fulfilling and achieving ambitions, health problems, loss of energy, misunderstanding, loss of vitality and endurance, slow growth and foot problems and listlessness, large litigations and arguments. Hand  and feet ache problems.

South-East: fire element, planet venus- shukra, lord agnee dev which represents fire, this is the direction of heat and high levels of energy, a well-wisher who is very sensitive, angry in nature, the same is the nature of southeast direction, it gives good health and sex and gives financial & physical happiness on ones life

South East should not be affected by bathrooms, toilets, water sinks, water tanks, water wells, bore wells, septic tanks and missing area

South East: fire element. Brings negative thoughts to the female, loss of wealth, hand ache, wife become dominant,conflict between husband and wife, health of the females members of the family. Fire is the element of both spiritual and physical transformation. In modern times, fire relates to electrical equipment, making this a good part of the house for kitchen appliances, computers, tvs, or stereos.  South-east-door of fire. Spoil health of female members of family, causing negative thoughts and suicidal feelings. Become lazy, loss of wealth, public litigation, causing frequent accidents and its experiences, difficulty with business matters, documents, legal contracts and taxes, physical buttocks disease, affect job interviews, exam and future reputation.  Backache and hips problems.

South: earth/fire element, planet mars, yamm corner is  the god of death. South openings give problems comparable to death. South’s owner is also in charge of justice, legal affairs. So if you have south defects, be ready for injustice and invites legal issues in ones life.

In South there should not be kitchen, gas stove on south side, under ground water tank, septic tank, areas lower than floor level, water well, bore well, toilet, bathrooms missing area.

South: cycle of life and death, responsibility. Brings all sorts of accidents related to health, wealth, career and physical. Source of negative energy. This is an area of duty, responsibility, and justice overseen by yarna, the god of death. It's a good spot for a bathroom or a bedroom. South-door of death. Brings accidents, all sorts of bad luck, causing high temperament in the family. Lack of self-confidence, gossip, slandering, backbiting, accept others opinion, lack of self-esteem and do not get fame, reputation and recognition, spoil relationship, causing indecisiveness and eye related disease.

South West: earth element, planet rahu/ketu, this direction is owned by a demon called nairuti. This is the strongest direction in the plot as it shows magnetic energies flowing from northeast. Weak south-west affects ones instability in business and jobs, disturbs relationships, bad southwest can bring behavioral issues like depression, anxiety, suicidal feelings, people feel low & energy loss etc. If the southwest is strongest  in your premises it means your relationships, happiness & self-esteem is highest.

In South-West there should not be kitchen, water sink, gas stove on south side, under ground water tank, septic tank, areas lower than floor level, water well, bore well, toilet, bathrooms missing area.

South West: earth element. Associated with wisdom and emotional strength, affects business stability, health and wealth. The southwest corner of a room should contain the heaviest and largest pieces of furniture. This direction works well for living rooms, master bedrooms, and storage. South-west-door of devil. Brings conflicts in career, business and relationships. Disturb family harmony, prone to rash decision, mental unrest, ill health, financial loss, loss of position, legal litigation, unwanted expenses, causing marriage relation problem, children marriage problem, land and agriculture related problems, feeling unstable, hard to find relationship and creating stomachache, food poisoning and fever. Digestion problem.

West: water element, planet saturn , the owner for this direction is lord varun dev, varun is deity for rain, fame and fate, this direction is known for stability in life. The axis of energy goes east to west as the sun rises from east and sets in the western direction which is sinking energy. The west direction is occupied by the lower abdomen, genitals & reproduction organs of the vaastu purush.

In West there should not be toilet, bathrooms, under ground water tank, septic tank, areas lower than floor level, water well, bore well, missing area.

West: darkness, the unknown. A front door that opens into the west will bring the calm of the night hours. Affects physical, business strength, slow growth, creativity and artistic  luck. Good for bedrooms, living rooms, and libraries. West-lack of creativity and affect artistic luck and new project to start. Lack of contentment, difficulty to get life partner, loss of sexual activity, creating mouth related disease, children health problem, hard to save money, lack of creativity, difficulty with conceiving child, lack of pleasurable activity acting foolishly without though, loss of joy, domestic accident. Mouth related problems.

North West: air element, planet moon, the owner of this direction is vayudev, the place in northwest is very unstable since it is powered by wind element. If it is powerful and complementary by the vaastu principles it can take ones career to big heights. Wrong northwest gives instability, confusion in the mind, misunderstanding  & lots of diseases. It can also create restlessness in the number of occupants.

In West there should not be septic tank, areas lower than floor level, water well, bore well, missing area.

Northwest: air element. Air, like wind, has the quality of indecisiveness, affects marriage problem and relationships,different views, or constant motion, making the northwest well suited for impermanent activity: guest bedroom, tv room, dining room, bathroom. North-west-spoil relationship and causing children marriage problem. Weaken the energy of bread winner, creating difficulty with employees, executive and bosses, creating illness, mental unhappiness, accidental injury, lack of vitality and causing holidaying difficulties, list interest in outgoing places, causing head related disease, children can be disobedient. Headache and migrant problem.

North: water element, planet mercury, this direction is governed by the god of wealth  kuber dev, which is beneficial for cash / treasury or valuable items. It is best to have maximum open space and slope in this direction. Wrong north affects wealth saving, prosperity, career etc.

In North, there should not be kitchen, gas-stove, bathroom, toilet, staircase, water overhead tank, heavy articles, electrical board, septic tank, elevated area and missing area.

North: health and wealth. Affects health and business trading activities, despite these positive associations, you should not sleep with your head to the north because the earth's magnetic energy will interfere with the body's electric fields. A good setting for bedroom, living room. North-loss of wealth and opportunities. Reduce sexual vitality, fertility, loss of income, miss opportunities, block career opportunities, increase mental stress, causing health problems and illness, career obstacle and stopping promotion in the career and causing career future problem, causing ear problems, depression and confusion, relationship with opposite sex-female members. Earache and feet pain.

North East: water element, planet jupiter, eshaan corner is  the place of god blessings (temple) and it enhances business prosperity, career, wisdom, memory and children education and relieves us from all miseries and mishaps.

In North East, there should not be kitchen, gas-stove, bathroom, toilet, staircase, water overhead tank, heavy articles, electrical board, septic tank, elevated area and missing area.

Northeast: water element. Affects business prosperity, career prospects, create conceiving child problem, loss of wealth, property inheritance problem. Water is associated with serenity and depth, so this is the best spot to locate a tranquility zone, meditation center, or shrine. North-east-head of vastu purush- creating inheritance property problem with family members, partners and employees. Affect knowledge & memory of children. Difficulty in conceiving child, fertility problems, poor financial growth(puncture in progress),ill health and mental unrest, creating enmity family arguments and tension, developing selfishness motives, creating inheritance problems, problems with reproductive organs, list interested in doing new projects and business, causing hand ache problem. Feeling unstable, create forgetfulness.

Centre brahmsthan: space element, all directions meet at the center of the house and disperse positive energy in all directions, the brahmasthan, a space central to any premises is the most calm and cosmically connected place, the brahmasthan is the heart  if people want to enjoy riches, harmony and happiness, brahmasthan should be left open and is free of obstructing objects.

In Centre brahmsthan, do not put pillars, staircase, toilets, kitchen or any heavy objects at the centre. Even in case of factories no heavy machineries or goods to be placed at the centre of the unit. It may result in to the poor production as well as pile up of the dead stock.

Center: space (ether) element. Affects health, business stability, heart and stomach related problems. This is the heart of the structure and a space for spiritual energy, which collects here and then radiates outward in every direction. This area should be as open and spacious as possible in the house as a whole and within individual rooms. Brahmsthan (center) the tai-chi (center)-creating health problems and disturb family harmony, causing business and relationship stability problems, causing spinal cord and backache problem.


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