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Vaastu for Hospitals

By applying Vaastu Principals to Construct hospital Building, we can achieve good results. If your hospital is already built up even though without any major modification in the structure we can create positive energy through the use of vaastu principles and the cures like Gemstones, crystals, pyramids etc. Every Person enters a hospital with the expectations that they will return home healthy by recovering from serious sickness. It is only possible when the hospital; building is as per the vaastu norms.

Positive energy and careful planning according to Vaastu goes a long way in building reputation for the hospital. Vaastu can help the patients to Recover Fast, completion of operations successfully and a positive atmosphere in hospital, harmony with the staff etc. If a hospital is Vaastu compliant, it can enhance peopleís trust in the hospital authorities, Doctors get good reputation.

Various factors have to be considered while constructing a hospital Vaastu wise for eg., the location of hospital, exteriors of hospitals, operation theaterís location, emergency ward location, patientís room direction, placement of beds etc. Some of the most important tips to be observed for hospitals to be successful and meet patentís expectations.

Vaastu Tips for Hospitals

  •  A hospital building should face either north or east.

  • The pooja room at eshan (Northeast) corner Should be planned

  • Consultation room of the doctor should be on the South west or west side and work facing East or North

  • The patientís room should be well ventilated and have openings in the northeast, to allow the entry of positive rays that will help them in healing and recovering soon.

  • The right place for the drinking water is the northeast or east portion.

  • X-Ray machines should be kept on Southeast direction room for smooth operation.

  • The color of Operation Theater should be light cream, light green,  light peach, light pink which is best color for fast recovery of the patientís and gives healing energy to the patientís.

  • Hospital Building Lifts, Staircase Should be on SW, SE, NW area

  • Medial store room should be on NW side

  • Toilet and bathrooms should be on NW or SW side

  • Parking should be on  west, NW, SW

  • Mortuary (Post-Mortem Room) room  should be on North West

  • ENT Department Should be on NW side

  • Eye operation Room should be on NW side

  • Operation theater should be on West or South West

  • Doctors should operate facing East or North Always

  • Waiting lounge should be on NE or North

  • Administration and accounts should be on NE side

  • Kitchen, Canteen, Cafeteria Should be on SE or NW side

  • General patient ward should be on SW side

  • All investigation laboratories should be on SE or East side

  • Research and development should be on SE or East

  • Nursing staff quarters should be on Nw or West side

  • Heavy machinery should be placed on West, South-west and North-west

  • Generator, Transformer, Electric  Room should be on South east or North West

  • The underground water tank should be in the NE side

  • The over head tank should be in SW, W, NW corner

  • Administrative Ė Directors office should me planned on SW or West side

  • There should be no beam running above the Office and Patient Bed

  • Do not place heavy machinery on NE, East and North

  • For faster healing and recovery, the southwest room should be used for emergency patients.

  • Medical books should be placed on shelves and racks in the west or south direction.

  • West corner is most suitable for construction of operation theatre in a Vaastu friendly hospital.

  • Southeast direction is apt for keeping any machines and equipments in the operation theatre. In the O.T. patient head should be towards south Vaastu wise, while being operated, in the hospital.

  •  Any medical apparatus in the operation theatre should be kept towards the south, west or southwest side of the patientís bed.

  • For proper ventilation, windows in a patientís room should be in the northeast direction Vaastu wise, to allow positive rays to enter and help the patient in fast recovery in the hospital.

  • In a hospital, when the medical apparatus is kept in a storeroom, should be above the floor level of main hospital and in west, south or southwest direction, to be Vaastu friendly.

  • According to Vaastu, drinking water should be kept in northeast.

  • For X-rays, a room in the southeast direction is good as per Vaastu. Toilets and changing rooms should be in west or south portion of the hospital, Vaastuwise.

  • Nurseís quarters could be constructed in the northwest or southeast directions.

  • Reception and cashier room must be located in Eastern or Northern side.



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