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Vaastu Purusha Mandala

Vaastu Purusha Mandala is the metaphysical design of cosmos on which the whold concept of vaastushastra is based upon. It is believed that vaastu purusha is lied down on the cosmos  and his head is resting in North east direction which represents balanced thinking and positive energy source, lower body towards south west which represents strength, stability and firmness, his navel is in centre of the Earth which is signifying cosmic awareness and holiness, his hand, face, North west and South East signifies Energy.

Vaastu purush is the presiding deity while other eight direction have their own specific gods that governs their direction, on the basis of structure and prescribed directions, construction is recommended and all the physical features are decided on the terms of ventilation, doors, windows, location etc.

The vaastu purush mandala instructs us to locate different features in to the place of residing god to get maximum benefits in terms of good health, wealth peace progress and prosperity. However the most important place in vaastu purusha mandala is Brahmsthan, it is the sacred  place which is considered appropriate for divinity and worship.


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