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Vaastu for Bedroom

In India, Vastu Shastra is considered a sacred science that helps people live a stress-free life. Bedroom is a place for relaxation and rest. Our energy is renewed during the rest time as we spend around eight to ten hours in bedroom which requires sound sleep for distress and worries of worldly activities, each directional rooms energy has Different characteristics Such as North east and east direction radiates cosmic ultra violet rays which is good for mental memory that is why the children bedroom should be on these directions, while South and South west is connected with prithvi tatva – earth element that is why the parents – couple bedroom should be on these directions,  as sleeping in the room to the quadrant of South, South West & West with your head pointing towards East and South represents perfect harmony which is very very important for family.

Vaastu Shastra does not recommend a bedroom in the South East under any circumstances being fire – agneya kon which brings conflicts between husband and wife. It is best to shift from this room to any other room in the South West, South, West or North West. In case there is no choice, keep the bed away from the southeast corner or you will be sleeping on too much fire. Sleep in this room with your head towards the South and feet towards the North to ward off the ill-effects.

  • Vaastu Shastra allows attached bathrooms towards the West or NorthWest of the bedroom.

  • The bedroom bed should not face door of the toilet.

  • There shold not the wall just opposite the door of the bedroom or toilet door which brings loss of wealth and creates lot of relationships problems  

  • Bed should be towards the solid wall at the back of bed for support

  • Split beds & mattress for couple should be avoided as it brings conflicts and misunderstanding

  • Big trees shadowing your apartment and bedroom creates ill health and disturbs relationships iron bed or Iron stuff under the bed should be avoided

  • Over head Beam should not be above the bed  

  • Sharp edges & standing beams column should not face your bed

  • Paintings of wild animals, pictures of fights, dense forest, sad & lonely males or females paintings should be avoided

  • The ideal colors for Master bedroom couple room should always have light pink, cream, peach for better sleep and harmony, colors like Red, Maroon, Dark Purple, Black Should be avoided.

  • Children’s bedroom should be on the west, East or North East for better memory and concentration at study and children’s should sleep with head towards east and study facing east, North & North east, colors recommended for their rooms are peach, cream, Light yellow, Light green for better memory and concentration at study.  

  • Marriageable children’s should sleep in North west quadrant room with head towards South or East

  • Mirrors opposite the bed should be avoided which causes headache and loss of opportunities and spoils relationships.

  • Cupboards/ money box should be placed on west or south wall, opening North or East

  • The correct placement of furniture in the bedroom makes one feel at home. Vaastu suggests that since bedrooms normally have heavy objects like beds, cupboards etc, they should be placed in the South, South West or West direction of the room. If possible, avoid beds in the centre of the room

  • Bed should not touch to the wall of toilet and bathroom and kitchen wall

  • Temple in the couple bedroom should be strictly avoided

  • Couple photo should be placed on south west and children’s photos should be avoided


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